The oceans effect

The oceans waves so wild and rough yet so calm and still I stand staring out into the Mediterranean’s belly, hypnotised by the sound, mesmerised by the waves So calming, so relaxing This sea I can not control In this moment I am still In this moment all is ok I am just a small … Continue reading The oceans effect

A Response Isn’t Always Needed.. Protect Your Peace

There's a time and place for everything.  We have to learn when our input is going to help a situation or make it worse. We have to learn to practice restraint at times.  Self discipline is a must. It's easier to loose control and react to situations adrenaline filled no brain all emotion than to … Continue reading A Response Isn’t Always Needed.. Protect Your Peace

There’s strength in numbers, why can’t we come together? 

When will we stop tearing one another down There's strength in numbers weakness in division Certain groups didn't really feel the recession Why can't we empower one another Why can't we love our brothers Why wont we help our sisters Different minority groups hating within  Think about it.. who really wins? -Dionne MT- Breathe Think … Continue reading There’s strength in numbers, why can’t we come together? 

Embrace Your What Is

Over thinking and living in the past can be some of our worse enemies. The past is the past, you can not sit dwelling reminiscing wishing things were different. We torment ourselves with the what ifs of life, what if I was who I am now then, what if that didn't happen, what if that happened, … Continue reading Embrace Your What Is

Happiness. Real happiness..

Looking through the key hole The door of life, one goal Happiness. Behold the wonders untold riches Once found, big dreams wild wishes True happiness from within Subconsciously aware. You win The winners see, the winners understand Unattached. Our lives, our hands Looking through the key hole Happiness. Ever lasting peace resonates with soul Complete … Continue reading Happiness. Real happiness..