That’s not what I mean

Sometimes I can’t explain exactly what I mean
My words I muddle, I talk in riddles
Jumbled thoughts confused words 
Sometimes I can’t explain exactly what I mean.
I loose the point, I go off track 
Converse with myself, what’s fiction what’s fact
Constant thinking constant speaking
So overbearing it’s so annoying
Can I hold my tongue ever?
My rambling mistaken for ranting, it can be hard to follow
What do I mean? Tongue tied frustration, no explanation
Let me put pen to paper and construct an interpretation 
My thoughts are faster than the sentences I’m spewing
Spewing fast to try and keep up trying to make sense but it makes no sense
Just random thoughts relayed to a lost audience
What are you talking about? I don’t know I’ve even got lost myself 
Ohh it can be so frustrating 
Taken one way but believe me it’s the opposite to what I mean 
I think differently, It make sense to me
I just can’t relay it right to make you see what I see
I wish I could always explain exactly what I mean. 
One day. I’ll find a way to declutter my mind
My words will become clear. One day there’ll be a time 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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