Bent, Broken & Remoulded

I use to have so much anger inside me..
Inside of me I didn’t know I
I’m so grateful for those who stuck around,
I’m so grateful for those who’ve been there for me.
Those who saw past the anger,
Those who saw past my top layer
Flesh deep they saw me for me
Bone deep they saw what others couldn’t see..
The pain beneath my eyes
The truth within my lies.
I’m so sorry to all who have been hurt,
To those who have been burnt
I am now a better me a better She,
but still a working progress.
For you all, I am forever thankful
I’ve been bent, broken and remoulded. Eventful.
At my lowest, my rock bottom
Shunned. I haven’t forgotten.
From this I found my strength,
I can’t be held down, from the ground I have arisen
Consciousness. The light is all I see
My life is my life, I chose to rise
To live in freedom I am alive.
Truly living life in all its glory
Experiencing life, its wonders. Possibilities many
No grudges, living in forgiveness
Progression not perfection. Growth.. Endless
Endless peace and happiness
For me, for you. That’s my wish for us all.

..Remoulded. Grateful

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