Enjoy the moments

Croatia: 15th July 2017
Living in the moment is the best feeling in the world. The feeling where nothing matters just that present moment and those in it. There’s a freedom to life when you stop worrying, stop caring about what other people think or being swayed by the opinions of others, opinions which in fact are actually irrelevant. We have to remember an opinion is something an individual has a right to have but that’s all it is; an opinion, not fact and definitely not something that you have to make your reality. 

To live in the moment for me is to live for yourself, it’s doing whatever makes you happy. Sometimes we overthink life so much we fail to enjoy it, we spend so much time stressing about pointless stuff when there is a whole world out there filled with endless opportunities. 

Life is about being happy, spreading love and loving to the fullest without any limits.

The moment you actually allow yourself to be happy by releasing all things taking away from your happiness is the moment you open yourself up to love everyone, if you love the world the world will love you back. 

I’ve seen with my own eyes the pulling power of happiness, the magnetism of a smile, it has the power to change everything. Your reality around you adapts to the energy you yourself are giving off. If you’re miserable and stressing about silly things you will get more of this, you will be surrounded by miserable stressful situations. If you are happy giving of love this is what will be drawn to you.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, be happy and live in the moment. The saying life is what you make it has never been more correct, you are in control of life, you can choose to do whatever makes you happy.

Realise deeply the present moment is all you ever have

-Dionne MT-

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