Who understands?! Someone will..

Who understands? 
No one
A world full of problems.. 

We dont have time to understand others..do we even understand ourselves?
Our competitive natures, concerned with only ourselves 

They say “My problem is much bigger than yours” without a word spoken
Then comes the self loathing.. silence broken

Broken souls we are; who can we really help? 
..Can we even help ourselves?

Selfish people, we’re lurking behind every corner
We’re in your homes, we’re in your beds.. we’re on the end of your phones

Selfish people.. Who can deny, A Selfish world we all are. 

Two way one sided conversations 
This selfish world grew us, we shouldn’t be surprised..

My problem is bigger than yours


I wrote this a few years ago and this pretty much summed up how I felt about the world. I some what still feel the same but my outlook has shifted and my mindset has completely changed. 

I do believe that we are living in quite a selfish world where the majority of people are concerned only about themselves. I didn’t say all people because not everyone is like this, there are some people who do care about others, some who will make time to give you a listening ear despite whatever may be going on in their own lives. 

I believe in what you think is what you will get, the energy you put out is the energy that comes back. So if you think all people are selfish and uncaring these are the exact same folk that will come into your life. I currently have some of the most selfless people I’ve ever known in my life and I believe this is all down to the change in how I view the world. I believe there is hope for humanity, we’re living in a age where we are becoming more aware of self, we’re all more aware of our ego.

If we think no one will understand then no one will. Taking nothing away from your special situation but once we silence our egos and accept there is no situation that is truly unique, we open ourselves up to the fact there are people who will understand exactly what we are going through, not everyone but there are people who have been exactly where you are right now. When we’re faced with certain situations the mindset of not thinking anyone will understand is what can make the situation worse, we close ourselves of to help and advice, we give the issue so much power by feeding into it, by putting it on a pedalstal. 

So to my original question.. who understands? My answer is someone.

-Dionne MT-

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