Don’t be a victim

Becoming a victim in your own life is so easy, it can creep up on you without you even realising.

Sometimes we face certain battles in our lives that at times will have you feeling sorry for yourself. It can happen to the best of us.

We put on brave faces, disguise our pain with masks in the hope of hiding our vulnerabilities, as to come across strong but instead weakening us with every “I’m ok” lie told. Instead accept that we are all only human and at times will get frustrated or annoyed with our situations. 

The key is to differentiate between a moment of humanity and recognise when you are becoming a victim of your struggles, letting them have there way with you in a negative way.

Anyone can give up, It’s so much easier to do but to fight on when you have no fight left takes real character.
The battle starts in your mind so start there, tell yourself you can overcome all things and overcome them is exactly what you’ll do.

Don’t be a victim, never give up pick yourself up look within and find your strength. Hard times can wait her make or break you.

Choose to rise above

-Dionne MT-

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