Facts – Opinion + Perception = Life.. Do Not Believe Everything That You Hear

The beautiful thing about life is that the truth always finds a way to come out in the end, be it a month or even 20 years later.

The truth was never intended to be withheld it’s natural state is freedom, it doesn’t do well at being silenced or oppressed. If we look back throughout history there have been events after event where people have put themselves in compromising sometimes even fatal positions, to stand up and fight the systems that are spreading lies and painting false pictures to the rest of society. Those telling these lies or half truths do this to create fear amongst a people already confused by the complexity of life, those who like to be spoon fed rather than scavenge.

There are those who easily accept gossip as gospel. Some people do not know how to eat humble pie. When the truth comes out because they may feel silly for having the wool pulled over their eyes, or embarrassed for whatever reason they will be stubborn continuing to hold on to the false images they’ve created or the views they’ve formed. This ignorance effects no one other than youlself.

On the other end of the spectrum other individuals will embrace the truth for what it is. These people will seek out and deal with the facts understanding instantly the importance of seeking knowledge and questioning all things, rather than blindly accepting things. For some people knowing the truth and turning a blind eye to it is not an option.

Life is a learning curve, we can flicker between the two states above but as we grow and continue on our journeys a point must come where we realise that only one of these states lead to actual real personal growth. The humble state, in this state we realise we do not always get things right nor do we know eveyyhing. You are willing to do all that is needed to correct things when you realise you are in the wrong or going about something in the wrong way and are not afraid to open your mind to learning new things.

Do not believe everything you hear, seek the answers for yourself. Everything you hear is not fact but just another persons opinion. Just like what I’m writing is not fact but simply my opinion, my interpretation of life and the discoveries I make along my journey which I hope triggers you to seekout more in your own.

Seek the truth.

All people respond to the truth in different ways as it is our perception of the truth that defines how we react.

The truth will not stay hidden forever, how you respond is our choice.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others you are going to run out of gas
Photo Credit: Goodreads.com

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