A lot can happen In one night.. Loaded guns, Drugs & Penny dropping

A restless night..
Mind’s racing thoughts jumping
Finally free without having to flee

An excited night..
I’m so happy pinch me this must be a dream
I can’t decide whether to stay silent or scream

An anxious night..
Detoxing body shaking dehydrating
Nose running silent tears streaming
Cold sweats night frights
Trembling at the sight, the sight of fading love
Underestimated a drug,  natural origins opposite from above

An honest night..
Addicted to you since day one
Wishing our toxic relationship never begun
Reminiscing, I could always rely on you to be there
The one constant poison I held onto through fear
You made everything seem better in reality making everything much worse
Memories of staring down the barrel of a loaded gun riding in a hearse
Tonight I’m time hopping through times of destructive thoughts and behaviours, seeking the light
Reopening doors nailed shut boldly peering inside
Ready for the truth with open eyes a lot can happen in one night

A grateful night..
I can look at the past and over-stand my actions
Change can not occur until reflection brings about realisation
The penny does eventually drop
But not until we join the dots and make a connection
The awakened mans truth manifestation
The man who is aware can not be stopped

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

Free yourself for your own destructive behaviours
Photo Credit: quotesgram.com


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