We all have a vision..

Fear of failure is what prevents so many of us from embarking on new ventures. We have to let go of the negative what ifs and hold on to the positive what ifs. Do you believe anything is possible? We must hold on to that belief and have faith in our own abilities.

There are people out there who will always try to discourage you but that’s only because of the fear they hold within themselves. It’s not personal but a reflection of their own inner doubts.

We do not always have to seek validation from others.
We ask questions with expectations inevitably leading to disappointment. 

Just do you, we all have a vision but only a few have what it takes to see it come to pass. The few who do not give up after failing many times, the few who remain focused on the end goal. 

Do not be discouraged, there is no time frame. Some of the most successful people took years before they saw their vision come to pass. So hold on to your vision tight, once you’ve had it no one can take it away from you but you. 

Believing in yourself is the only validation you truly need.

-Dionne MT-

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