Racing thoughts? Stress? Anxiety? You name it meditation can help  

Sometimes you have to still the mind, take time out to make sense of all the noise. It can be so hard to hear through all the traffic at times.

I don’t believe meditation has to be done in a specific way, as long as you achieve your desired outcome..To focus your mind, you can meditate however works for you. Taking a stroll, laying in the bath, deep chanting however you like.

My constant racing thoughts, fast thinking, quick speaking sometimes consumes me to the point I can’t actually think straight. It just sounds like noise, left unchecked it can be a bit much. A thousand thoughts a minute, of which none I can think clearly about. 

For me meditation puts me at sense of oneness with my mind, the thoughts become less erratic..aligned I’m able to relax and not be in a state of hyperdrive which is normally what stops me from sleeping, as my internal state doesn’t match my external rest state.

When I meditate I’m able to concentrate on one thing for a sustained period of time rather than a few seconds, it allows me to reflect constructively and understand my thoughts. I can think in straight lines, whereas when I’ve not been meditating or allowed it to get on top of me I have multiple conversations with myself or those around me about any and everything, my thoughts pinging back and fourth like a bee. 

It might sound strange but I know many can relate and know exactly what I’m talking about.
For me meditation is the key.

I’m starting to realise just how important meditation is to me. It’s a must, something I must practice daily. During this time I consciously choose to change any thoughts which do not benefit me, any thoughts which are of negative thinking or go against the mindset I have chosen to live by.. I change it. Refocusing my energy to that which is important. We become so drained by pointless confused thoughts.

Sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves, what am I actually thinking? Is it benefiting me? As I inhale deeply and exhale I feel my thoughts settle. My mind slows to what I consider a normal pace.

Meditation is something I believe should be done by everyone, it gives us a chance to get clarity. We can do it for specific health reasons, to relax, to awaken our chakras or simply to look over our day, let go and prepare for tomorrow. 

You do not have to be a buddhist or of a specific religion or practice, you just need to be open allowing the energy to flow through you. Meditation is a personal experience, it allows us to access that inner peace which is already within us. 

Meditation has the capability of changing your life.

Become aware, take control.

-Dionne MT-
Breathe Think Write Release

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