The different faces of summer

Potion mixing Vision inducing Herb inhaling Pill popping Snow skiing Wave riding Club hoping Music blaring Two stepping Head bopping Drink driving Uber catching Road stumbling Sun seeking Holiday jetting Beach lying Picture taking Double dating Roof settings Cocktail sipping River viewing Shisha smoking Stranger befriending Festival screaming Canal cruising Country escaping City living The … Continue reading The different faces of summer

Pollen Attack! This can only mean one thing..

Stuffy nights muggy mornings Itchy eyes pollen falling Hayfever season has bloomed early Constant sneezing rubbing and blowing  Restless nights tossing and turning Still wrapped in a duvet one foot hanging Striped down to the essentials pheening for air This can only mean one thing.. summer is near  -Dionne MT- Breathe Think Write Release Photo … Continue reading Pollen Attack! This can only mean one thing..