How Can You Complain If You Don’t Speak Up?!

There is definitely a time when your silence speaks louder than your words but choose those moments wisely. Silence does not always benefit you. Live a life knowing that you've said what's needed to be said. Tell those you love you love them, tell those you miss you miss them. Why leave important words unsaid? Disagree … Continue reading How Can You Complain If You Don’t Speak Up?!

Daily Prompt #1 Closet

I've never responded to a writing prompt before but I thought it might be fun to try something new. One-word Prompt: Closet Monday morning clothes hanging Twos and threes gather, whispers in the corridor Dirty laundry open closets Weekend memories, cheeky grins, jaws on floor What will they find if they take a look inside your … Continue reading Daily Prompt #1 Closet