Forgiveness Changes Everything

Forgiveness what's it really about? Forgiveness is about you. Forgiveness is for you. It never has been and it never will be about the offender. Worry not about them but about yourself, they have their own demons to deal with..demons one day they will discover, one day they will face. I Forgive you but I … Continue reading Forgiveness Changes Everything

Sunday Morning Thoughts.. It’s never too late.

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking, it can literally change your life. Negativity does not serve us in any way, so let it go. Why not start today? Become aware and breathe positivity into your life. The possibilities are endless, you'll see. It's never too late to change your mindset. It's never too late … Continue reading Sunday Morning Thoughts.. It’s never too late.

Question. What’s normal anyway?

You vs me, What's normal anyway My way vs your way Who's right who's wrong Equal outcome, doesn't matter either way. Who defines normal, who made these laws  Go against the mill don't conform, freedom outlaws As a society we can be so blind Man made, there is no norm to conform. My normal vs … Continue reading Question. What’s normal anyway?

Imagine The Possibilities 

I'll walk the plank, I'll call your bluff I'll take that leap, I'll never look back One way journey to success, side stepping no longer No longer treading the tight rope  No longer dreaming of hope  Dreaming big, visualising my parallel reality   Dreams to reality, confidence and humility  I see, I believe. I believe … Continue reading Imagine The Possibilities