Lighting fires..

Burning matches lighting fires
Dark minds and deep souls collide
A world where both survive

On a collision course with life
Dodging obstacles bouncing from wall to wall enjoying the ride
Taking every step in my stride,
one step two step three

To be free is all we desire it’s what I require.. to exist in a world where so many are unknowly trapped
Engulfed in systems, tied down by policies and procedures

Working 9 to 5’s many didn’t dream of, many hadn’t heard of
Working to live or is it living to work, penny pinching penny watching ways

Star gazing nights escaping yesterday’s plights
Realities cooking a cake of truth whilst the cookies of lies crumble before my eyes

Before their eyes I’m starting a resistance, I’m staging a mutiny
I’ve seen love turn to hate, friendships sour to foes
Naive no longer I know it’s a cold world where anything goes

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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