Webs, Grass, Sticks & Stones.. What are you focused on?!

They focus on my past mistakes whilst I focus on my future achievements
Some still stuck in the dark with their focus misdirected 
Looking at another mans lawn with uncut grass 
If you’re left dumbfounded by the worlds ignorance and arrogance just laugh
How can a man throw stones from unsteady grounds?
Throwing stones at brick houses whilst their sand’s rising around 
Take care of your own before you place judgement on another mans home
Grown folk pointing fingers never stopping to look in mirrors
Never seeing their own bullshit but so quick to try and sink another mans ship 
Where have we gone wrong when did we become so lost?
Brainwashed, thought provokers muted they want to keep us in a box
Entangled in webs charlotte can’t even navigate 
Like bait on a rod we’re all just trying to escape it

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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