Embrace Your Sometimes

Sometimes I’m serious
Sometimes I’m a clown
Sometimes I’m hilarious
Sometimes I’m down

Sometimes you laugh
Sometimes you cry
Sometimes you love
Sometimes you say bye

A world full of sometimeish folks
Skipping for joy next day rocking boats

One face many hats but not enough real
Only the real are real enough to embrace those hats
Who’s real enough to accept themselves? Flaws in tow
Who’s hiding behind last years happy glow?

Fake it to the world but to yourself ask yourself why?
Why not acknowledge your wrong doings and imperfections?
Who you fooling? No ones believing your lies

Acknowledging leads to understanding which if you want can lead to change
Sometimes you’re this sometimes you’re that, if you wasn’t I’d probably find it strange
Perfection doesn’t exist
Where all sometimeish.. sometimes anyway

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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