So you’re gay.. What’s the big deal anyway 

Some people say you choose to be gay, that being gay is a lifestyle choice. In some ways those people are correct. Yes every gay person chooses to be happy. We choose to a live in the truth, I choose to express my love to a woman because do you know what that’s my thing. Love is love. A time will come when people won’t be caught up on labels..being straight, gay, bisexual, transgender whatever.. People will just be happy. You have to understand that being gay doesn’t stop your desire to procreate.. to continue your lineage. Life will still continue. Being gay does not define a person, it’s simply who they choose to be with, who makes them happy. Why should that bother you? Times are changing, we’re living in the age of technology where knowledge is right at our finger tips. There’s no reason for anyone to feel alone ever again, now is the time when you can express yourself to the fullest. Just be you. There are some people who are not ready and choose to live a lie and be straight..this happens for so many reason. These are the people my hearts are with. These are the people I want to say it’s ok to be different. Just be happy, it’s ok. I say.. it’s better sooner than later to come to terms with who you are, a lot of heartache can be avoided in the long run. Those who truly love you and know you will have no problem with it. It may take them awhile to get use to it, but as time goes on and they see that you are still the same person, nothing will change. Those who do not support you.. Well my personal view is that these people are not needed in your life. Do you really want to associate yourself with such small minded people? Just do you. Be happy.

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2 thoughts on “So you’re gay.. What’s the big deal anyway 

  1. Precisely.

    Though some people lose self-esteem, and the ability to imagine anything different. We internalise homophobia. Battered wives often stay with violent partners. Gay people imagine it is they who are wrong.

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