Releasing.. Meltdown preventing 

A pain so insane my core temperature is constantly rising Sometimes I don't even understand how I'm really surviving My pain threshold will deceive you The way I smile to get through The way I keep going will mislead you To drown in self pity is the day I'll rue Chronic pain orthopaedic sufferers I … Continue reading Releasing.. Meltdown preventing 

My Shoulder Journey Continues..

When your spine is no longer straight and your shoulder bones are trying to escape out your back all you can do is stay positive and be patient. Here's goes my long awaited shoulder update. So I've put of writing this update for so long for a number of reasons. Firstly my mind wasn't in … Continue reading My Shoulder Journey Continues..

Just Sometimes..

Sometimes I'm in so much pain I can barely talk My frown is deep deep in thought Eyes pleading my body language speaks To open my mouth and speak an effort energy I need to keep To keep me sane, to keep me standing to keep me going  Who's pretending everything's ok? Just sometimes I … Continue reading Just Sometimes..

Here we go again.. Me vs Me

   Can you imagine being in constant pain? Many can, many will try  Relentless. A day doesn't pass  It's all an act, curtains close They see you smile, see you laugh  Some days you say it's better than others Other days you sit and wonder You're wondering about better days Do you remember your last … Continue reading Here we go again.. Me vs Me

Rehabilitation. My Yellow Brick Jail

I've seen the seasons change Nights got colder Days now longer Days turned to weeks, weeks to months I've seen the skies get brighter Night foxes, birds chirping louder Old flames die New sparks ignite I watch through the window Is life passing me by? Pass me by never Just yearning for my freedom Freedom … Continue reading Rehabilitation. My Yellow Brick Jail