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Welcome to the Bloggers Network page. This is a place where all are welcome.

As a fellow blogger I understand how important it is to share your work. In a world where there are so many different types of blogs it’s so easy for a great post to get lost amongst all the noise.

I encourage you all to share your blog in the comments section below. You may also leave links to specific posts as well.

For this network to be a success please follow any blogs that seem of interest to you, comment, like and share accordingly.

Let’s do for others what we want done for us, lets support each other.

Show love and give support.

-Dionne MT-


Breathe Think Write Release


112 thoughts on “Bloggers Network

    1. Thank you!!!
      For those that don’t know- I write trauma poetry about depression, anxiety, PTSD, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, chronic pain, chronic illness and prescription drug use.

      I interview other writers who want to be a part of my Write To Heal movement. They write to heal from the things I listed above- different traumas/life experiences/illnesses.

      In addition, I post articles I find online that relate to that criteria.

      I also include inspirational and sometimes quirky quotes of my own or by others that have gone through hardship.

      Occasionally I post my photography to reveal how beautiful the world can still be despite all our suffering.

      To lighten the mood, I’m doing a super funny series on my cuddly crazy cat called I’m Sorry Cat.

      I didn’t realize I include so much in my blog… wow.

      Thank again!


  1. Here’s a link to my page:

    But more importantly… I have an opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on! Would you like some free publicity for your page and for your written work? Here’s what I am looking for: quotes, short stories, poems, cartoons, inspirational photographs, or anything else which others may find encouraging, uplifting or humorous. If you decide to submit your work to me, you will be featured on my page for a full week. My goal through this is to offer encouragement to whoever views my page and I need your help to make this happen! Whatever you decide to submit, must be written by you and not be a copy of somebody elseโ€™s work.

    Please send your submissions to:

    I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

    For more information, please visit the original post listed below regarding this great opportunity!

  2. Hi, I love this idea to make the world smaller. I’m English although my blog is about Greece and in particular the island of Crete where I live for nearly half of each year. Pay me a visit if you’d like a virtual holiday via

    Any writers or readers of lash fiction might like to join a small group who write against musical prompts set by another blogger. X

    1. Oooops, I’ve just realised my fingers worked too fast and my comment above should refer to flash fiction, meaning a very short piece. I imagine lash fiction would be something very different! X

  3. Thanks for creating this forum. I totally agree that we should band together in support for one another. There is power in numbers. My blog is here on WordPress at

    I also have a book out, which is the first of the M.ind O.ver M.atter book series entitled “The Awakening” you can read more about it and secure a copy via my website at

    Happy Blogging everyone!!


    X. Healing

  4. A great idea. I am a new blogger enjoying reading other bloggers. I named my blog ‘Treacledays’, because its about learning to live despite having a chronic illness for twelve years. My days feel like I am either stuck, or wading in treacle. Here is the link to my first post

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