No one takes notice till it’s on our doorstep 

Everyday I open the paper to more sadness and anger, surrounded by commuters eagle eyed looking for danger 
Toxic fumes surround us a world drowning in turmoil 
Foiled plots no longer foiled but acted out on British soil
Third world problems knocking on our door like hello how do you do 
No one takes notice till it’s on our doorstep “I never expected it” neighbours right next to you 

When it hit Paris we was outraged, sad and in shock
Manchester our jaws dropped London we was rocked
Knocked for six everyone in a state of disbelief but honestly.. that only lasted a few days
It’s almost as if we expected it, it was only a matter of days the prophesied last days

What really hit me was seeing a failing system failing hundreds cutting corners 
A community destroyed thousands mourning Grenfell grieving, abandoned.. I still can’t believe it 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

To all those caught up in these tragedies near or far, past or present my heart goes out to your friends and families.
No words can make it better you deserved better may your souls rest in peace

You must not loose faith in humamity

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