Rock Bottom.. Do or Die?!

So you’ve hit rock bottom, laying on the kitchen floor shattered..

Pieces of glass and body parts stained red, Staring down in a daze at a blood bath

Broken cups, plate throwing wall punching 
Shouting and screaming, tears flowing
Overflowing stress and hissy fits
Slashed skin and bruised fists

A thousand voices but there’s only two choices left
Head bowed R.I.P now rest, loud singing hymns 
Eyes glazed over masses mourning 

Do or die
Stay down or rise up

It’s hard it’s tuff it’s a mess, feeling like your backs against a wall
Mind bullets spray, every hurdle every pot hole you can defeat them all
Stand tall, Kings and Queens don’t let your crown fall 

Turn your weakeness into strength
Your troubles to your testimony

Constantly running, living life on the edge
6 storeys high looking down holding on to the ledge

Step back inside, take a moment have a breather
We all have problems I know life’s not getting any easier 

Three steps forward one step back but forward we’re still moving 
There’s no shame in falling, lift your head up back straight and keep on going 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

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