Acknowledge. Accept. Act. 

Sometimes we’re forced to face the harsh reality. The reality we’ve so often turned a blind eye to. The thing is the only way to truly progress in life is to deal with our issues head on. 
It can be so hard to admit we have a problem sometimes, we never want to be seen as a weak person, someone who can’t handle certain situations when in fact it makes you a much stronger person to be able to actually face up to your problems. It’s takes courage and strength to admit you need help rather than pretending everything is ok.

The actions we make during our weakest moments can either help propel us from strength to strength or be to our detriment. Moving forward the choices we make right now in this moment is all that counts. No amount of reflection can outdo action. 

When you’re aware it’s hard to ignore what you see, feel and know deep down inside. Shame that’s what stops us, that’s what’s stops us from admitting.. ok something isn’t quite right. Why do we do it to ourselves, if we wasn’t feeling physically well we’d do something about it but when it’s related to the mind the way the brain works, because no one understands it and the whole mental health taboo side of the world we live in, we don’t seek help and it’s gets out of control. It may get better for a while but like all diseases physical or mental, if you don’t treat the actual root cause it will eventually get worse.

Once we accept our problems we can deal with them. Until we truly accept ourselves with all our flaws.. even the ones we’re embarrassed and ashamed to own, we live a life of denial. I’ve realised no good can come from masking over issues dealing with only the surface consequences, hiding away from what’s really going on. A point comes when we must chip away at the layers we have so carefully built up to enable us get to the root cause of our problems. Until then our problems will keep resurfacing. 

Swallow your pride, shut your ego up, accept that maybe you are not bigger than this problem. Give your issues the respect they deserves by acknowledging them, this in itself will take away some of the power they hold. 

Acknowledge, accept then act.

I see now. 

-Dionne MT-

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focus on the road ahead. the destination will be worth the journey

2 thoughts on “ Acknowledge. Accept. Act. 

  1. Your post definitely resonated with me today. A few issues that I need to meet head on might restore my inner peace. Thank you for a timely post.

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