Breathe Think Write Release

Welcome to my blog.. Or whatever you want to call it. I basicallty just write whatever I want, whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s random. At times it’s possibly funny, maybe (I think) and sometimes borderline.. well borderline just about everything. I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest.

I’ve been writing for years; it’s not a big deal or anything hence why not many people knew, till recently when i shared it on my Instagram. It’s just what I do, It’s my way of painting a picture..expressing exactly what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling at a particular time.
In the past, at times I felt like i could only write when I was in some dark place, going through the wars. Nowadays…all I want to do is write, the constant ticking of my mind with endless thoughts and ideas. The only difference now is that there all positive, and I’m learning how to filter all the useless noise.

I feel like I have so much to say. If i could help one person see it’s ok to be different I’ll be happy. If I could show one person that someoneelse has been exactly where they are, that they’re not alone, that they can change.. I’d be cool with all of that. I’d be happy. Other than that, I’ll just be here writing.
Breathe think write release.

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