The different faces of summer

Potion mixing Vision inducing Herb inhaling Pill popping Snow skiing Wave riding Club hoping Music blaring Two stepping Head bopping Drink driving Uber catching Road stumbling Sun seeking Holiday jetting Beach lying Picture taking Double dating Roof settings Cocktail sipping River viewing Shisha smoking Stranger befriending Festival screaming Canal cruising Country escaping City living The … Continue reading The different faces of summer

Eat or be eaten.. we’re all trying to board the boat

Sometimes I stare at a blank page mind filled with thoughts but it’s as blank as the page in front of me Sometimes the world feels like it’s moving at the speed of light around me but I remain still looking inside out almost in a daze Sometimes I think to myself why me but … Continue reading Eat or be eaten.. we’re all trying to board the boat

Real life no filter

Sometimes I feel so defeated Deaf by words drowned in thought Is the constant pressure really needed but still we feed it, we pressure ourselves Why are we so hard on ourselves Is it money, is it status is it clothes or maybe a car we don’t need Playing a game we don’t need to … Continue reading Real life no filter

What’s poetry?!

When some think of poetry they think of perfectly matched words rhyming together or beautiful metaphors describing ones love like a ocean, so deep When I think of poetry.. I think of pain I think of pleasure, I think of emotions and feelings stripped bare for all to see I think of vulnerability, I think … Continue reading What’s poetry?!