Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 4/8/16

Come and join the meet and greet weekend hosted by Danny. Its a great opportunity to network, meet some amazing new bloggers and grow your following. I personally will be following back all who follow me this weekend. Happy networking and have a great weekend everyone!! -Dionne MT- Breathe think Write Release

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Pimping for Likes

I had to reblog this, it’s such a great article for all of us bloggers to read.

For me I believe we must stay authentic, I write to share the constant noise in my mind to gain peace, I write for the release. Some days I write several times a day, sometimes a few days can past me by. I write because it’s what I do.. I breathe, I think, I write.. I release.
I’m forever grateful for my views, likes and follows.. but my message will never change regardless. I will still always write whatever I feel, however and whenever I feel.

The post below reinforces what I believe. Stay true to yourself in all that you do.

Why do you blog?

Check out the original post, it makes for great reading.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

A Thomas Point of View

A lot of bloggers have been posting their stats because it shows an increase in traffic to their blog. That’s awesome. We all want traffic to our blogs. That signifies growth for many of us.

However, there are some bloggers that aren’t doing that. You can tell by some of their depressing posts about not getting followers, viewers or maybe they should just stop blogging. A very pessimistic view towards blogging starts to emerge.  So, I ask the questions…

  • Are we mainly blogging for traffic?
  • Are we pimping our content for likes instead of writing genuinely?

The question was asked by another blogger, Jason, An Opinionated Man, whether you are here for the views. Do you care about the number of views? Great question right? Many bloggers are definitely here for views because they are writers who want to increase traffic and/or promote their books. Jason, has over 1.4 million…

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Bloggers Network: Connect & Share

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